Saturday 2 November 2013

Progenitor revision 2013.11.03 changelog

Progenitor changelog 2013.11.03


Adaptive ShieldingDecreased Energy from +0 to -1.
Atom ReclaimerDecreased Energy Requirement from 3 to 2.
CharibdisNow only lets you destroy cards owned by the player with the most Energy.
Chronotic SchismNo longer removes itself from the game.  Purge effect is now triggered automatically on Purging.
Effector Decreased Energy from +0 to -1.
Feedback LanceIncreased Energy from +0 to +1.  Now causes target to discard cards rather than you to draw them.
Heavy Duty DisplacerDecreased Energy from +0 to -1.
LeakReworded so that discard counts as happening.  Now goes into play for opponent when you gain it.
Nanohole ProjectorIncreased Energy Requirement from 1 to 2.  Increased Energy from +0 to +1.
NexusRemoved Energy (is no longer an Energy card so no longer effects itself).
ResonatorAdded may to both effects, and second is contingent on first: you may only draw if opponent does not discard.
Salvage RigDecreased Energy from +1 to +0.  Increased Energy Requirement from 2 to 3.
Teles BeaconDecreased Energy Requirement from 2 to 1.
TrojanIncreased Energy from -1 to 0.
Warp GremlinIs now attracted to player with most Energy.  Moves to next player during purge.


AttritionFormatting fixes.
High Energy EffectorAdded clarification/help text.
WitsReworded for timing/clarity.

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