Thursday 6 April 2017

Shard changes after 01/04/17

  • Energy Shield
    Passive and active now grant +2 TN against ranged (instead of +1 soak dice)

  • Wrist Blaster
    Now a reaction, can be activated on any coach's turn (ranged 1 dam 4)

  • Pulse Pistol
    Increased attack roll to AGI+1 (up from AGI)

  • Pulse SMG
    Increased attack roll to AGI+1 (up from AGI)

  • Pulse Cannon
    Increased attack roll to AGI+2 (up from AGI+1)

  • Launcher
    Increased attack roll to AGI+2 (up from AGI+1)

  • Moment of Truth
    Buffed built in actions (was just a [move]). Now reads:
    If you only have one player who is not KO'd or incapacitated then this card may be played on them (even if this is not their card). They may take any or all of the actions listed below (instead of choosing just one of them). // [[move] or [attack] or [use]]
  • Passing Play
  • Buffed ability text to:
    If this player passes the Shard this turn roll [dice:+1] for the pass. If the receiver catches the Shard and has not been activated this turn then when you activate them you may have them take a [move] instead of playing a card.
  • Coruin Hlest - Steal
    Fixed so he can steal from an adjacent player without having to move first.

  • Shadow Dancer - The Weaver
    Nerfed: removed riposte ability of parry.

  • From Dawning Minutiae
    Buffed their passive (before it only triggered if they were discarding to stand up):
    When a coach wants to play a card belonging to a player who is adjacent to From Dawning Minutiae they must first discard another matching card from their hand.
  • Gaffer Jones
    Changed his ability for attaching cards to Automata (added turn restriction, but allowed any Basic card):
    [react] : During Gaffer Jones' activation, once per turn, attach a card from your hand to an Automaton (discarding any card already there). The card must match Gaffer Jones or be Basic.
  • Gaffer Jones - Automaton
    Gave Automata an in-built Use ability:
    [use] : Move [mp] then [melee]
  • The King
    Removed his passive that made removing an injury not cost a star.  Instead gave him:
    When flipping a card for this player from the Critical Strike deck flip an extra card and choose which one they get.  Use this ability after any other abilities which deal with cards flipped from the Critical Strike deck.
  • Pickles - Deploy
    Gave Pickles' Emblem card (which was a standard Deploy: [use]+[move]) the Team trait.

  • Switchback - Energy Shackle
    Fixed wording, using written "attack" and "move" instead of icons.  Now reads:
    [use] : Make a [target:2] on an enemy player.  If you hit then they are held immobile, unable to move or attack, for as long as Switchback stays upright in the same square or until the start of your next turn, whichever is sooner.

Clarified the jargon on "teammate"  and "ally": an ally is another unit in your team, while a teammate is an ally who is also a player.  Used the correct one of these terms on these players:
  • Oubliette - Barricade
  • Webspinner
  • With Unfailing Anticipation - Recall