Wednesday 11 September 2013

Progenitor revision 2013.09.11 changelog

Progenitor changelog 2013.09.11


AM ShellAdded 'playable' when playing with a card from hand to stop instant win with All-In.
Adaptive ShieldingOpponent may discard card with same Energy Requirement to stop gain.
Blink DriveIncreased Energy Requirement from 1 to 2.
CAM DustingRemoved discard effect.
Control SubstrateNow only affects one card.
Diplomatic ModuleAdded 'to' so no opponent is chosen when played with no cards in hand.
Haywire RigReworded for clarity.
Heavy Duty DisplacerLowered Energy from +1 to +0.
Hot DisassembleLowered card draw from three cards to two cards.
Leech SnareIncreased Energy from +1 to +2.
Probability MatrixAdded option to discard.
Reality ShiftOpponent gets to choose which cards.
ReplicatorEffect only happens once per turn.
Retribution NetLowered Energy Requirement from 2 to 1.

Added 5 new Progenitor cards:

Chronotic SchismYou may play cards in your discard pile as though they were in your hand.  If a card would be put in your discard pile, remove it from the game instead.

purged: Recall this card.
Duplication ArrayWhen an opponent plays a card you may put into play a card with the same title.
Reality SelecterWhen you purge you may select any number of cards you have in play.  Those cards are nullified and are not destroyed by the purge.

This card is not destroyed by a purge.
Stellar SinkAt the beginning of each player's turn they discard the top card of their draw pile.
Universe Gateplayed: All players take the top card from the draw pile of the player to their right.

Added Excessive symbol to the 10 most unfriendly Progenitor cards; First Time Setup rules will be updated to remove these instead of a random selection.


  1. PLaying Chronotic Schisim then getting stellar sinked would be pretty painful

    1. Playing Chronotic Schism is opening yourself up to whole worlds of pain. Wormhole Weapon... Cosmic Deluge... Someone making you turnover...

  2. Really like Universe Gate And Duplication array they mess up the game in cool ways